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Private Label - Direct Registration

"Direct Registration" bypasses our standard registration and login forms.

Users log into your site, then click a link to go to the picks page for your private label sports pool site on our servers. They never see a registration form or login form on the private label site. They don't have to remember any password on the private label site.
You are in control of how many entries a player may have. Players can have unlimited entries, but your site controls that. Each entry must have a different screen name, but the same email address and password sent. See below for tech details on what information gets sent.
You will need to place a hidden HTML form on your site that "POSTs" key information to the private label site on our servers. The hidden HTML form should use hidden input tags, found in the sample below. The values of the hidden tags should be dynamically populated, by your site, based on the user that is logged in.
The user should not fill in any of the fields, since they are hidden. The user will only see a graphic, button or link that will act as a "submit" button, transferring them and POSTing their hidden data to the private label site. The private label site will register them and/or log them in, based on the hidden data.
Please do NOT send the user's actual password for your site.

Tech Details

Due to browser security settings, some browsers (most notably Safari for iOS) don't allow posting info to different domains or setting 3rd party cookies in iframes. Unless, the user has previously visited the 3rd part domain. This issue requires a 2-step process.
  1. Send the user to our "pre registration" page before POSTing their information to the private label site.

    Send users to "pre_registration.aspx?to=", but with a parameter in the querystring. The parameter should be the URL to your system, that you want them to return to.


    ..where the value of the "to" parameter is set to your "bracket page" URL.

    The "pre_reg.." page will immediately send the user "to" that page.


    Please note, you may need to URLEncode the URL in the "to" parameter.


  2. Your "bracket page", ie. , should then POST the hidden information to "directregistration.aspx", per the samples.
A test page will be available, once the private label site is up: _testDirectRegistration.aspx


Sample hidden HTML form

We will send you the URL to your private label site, once it is online and ready.
Answer1 is optional, but could be used for sending "favorite location" and/or used on the leader board

SN: asxljw