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Description of How We Do Pickem Pools

NFL Pickem pool We host a wide variety of free pools; including regular season nfl pools or college regular season pools, bowl game pools, regular season and bowl games in 1 pool, hybrid pools with a mixture of nfl and college games. You have a choice of including Thursday night games or not. We've found that some people don't like to include Thursday night games, so, we offer pools with Friday through Monday games only.

Survivor Pools

We offer free survivor pools. You have a choice of including Thursday night games or not. You can also start after week 1, just in case you forget or have a bad first week.

Pick 6 Pools

We offer free pick 6 pools. You choose how many games your players can pick each week. Whether it is 6 or 5 or 10, it doesn't matter: you choice. Each week, your players will see the full slate of games, but can only predict up to 6 (or whatever number you choose). So, your 6 games may be different than someone else's 6 games. But, scores are calculated based on those 6.

Office Pool Scoring Methods

Football pickem pool There are many scoring method options to choose from, depending on the pool. There's the standard 1 point per correct pick method, as well as the standard Against-The-Spread (ATS) method, but, we use half-point spreads, to avoid confusion. Picks sheets with Against-The-Spread (ATS) scoring methods show the spread for the home team. The home team is favored, if it's a negative number. The home team is the underdog, if it's a positive number.
Depending on the football pool, additional scoring methods include; confidence ranking, confidence ranking ATS, confidence ranking - losses count negative, and other combinations with losses count negative.

College Pickem Pool Methodology

college football office pool methodology For our Top 25 pools, we use the weekly AP Poll until the College Football Playoff (CFP) committee poll is released in week 8. The BCS Poll is used for the remainder of the season as the primary poll for our Top 25 pickem pools. We try to target 18 to 22 games per week in our Top 25 pools. On occasion, there aren't that many games (~16 or so), so, to have a minimum of 18 games, we'll look to other secondary polls, like the Coaches poll or ESPN's Top 25 poll or even USA Today's poll to add teams that are in secondary polls, but, not in the primary poll. That typically only happens once or twice a season, or unless a highly touted team is under sanctions.

College Bowl Pool Description

college bowl pools Some people don't like to pick all 40+ bowl games, so, we offer pools with different quantities of bowl games. Bowls that start after Christmas or only ones that start in the New Year. Again, for bowl game spreads, we use half-point spreads, to avoid confusion. In addition, because of the CFP format, some people prefer not to pick the CFP championship game. So, we offer options with and without the championship game. For those pools which include the championship game, the teams will be put in after the semi-final games have concluded. The picks will be opened after the 2nd-to-last game has started. So, people can't edit picks for games which have not started.

Scoring Options

For against-the-spread scoring methods, we use half-point spreads, so, there are never any ties. We've found that half-point spreads make understanding how to pick teams against the spread a lot easier. We typically get spread information from reputable sports books, like,, and Please note that games involving non-FBS teams won't typically have official spreads. In that case, the spread is up to our discretion. We do our best to research the teams involved, where the game is to be played and other key factors, before coming up with a spread. The same goes for games with teams that have key injuries, where Vegas is slow/reluctant to release a spread. This scenario doesn't typically happen very often, but, when a key player, like a starting QB or primary RB sustains an injury and there is no information available about whether that player will play the next game or not, then the release of the spread for that game may be delayed several days. In the event that a spread for a game is delayed a few days, we may interven and come up with a spread, ourselves. We prefer not to do that, but, if a spread is not announced by Wednesday night or Thursday morning, before a Saturday game, we'll put one in there.
Please note, that once a spread is put into the system, it can't be changed, because people may have already made their picks based on that spread.
We tweet/post new games and spreads, amongst other things, via our twitter account and our facebook page. Follow us to stay abreast of the latest changes.

Why do it online, with us?

why do it online?

A: Because we guarantee our site

  1. We guarantee that you will have fun with your football pool.
  2. Pools are free, so, there's nothing to lose to check it out.
  3. Personal customer support, contact us anytime, via email, help desk, twitter, facebook.
  4. Pools can optionally be upgraded, at the discretion of the administrator. Please note, that only the administrators will be shown any upgrade options.
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