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Super Rugby XV 2012 Pickem

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2012 Super Rugby Pools

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Season starts: Friday, February 24, 2012

The fixtures are in the system.

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Games Deadline Games Deadline

Super Rugby XV 2012 Pickem

Super Rugby 2012 Pick Winner for each game as tournament progresses

Optional Upgrade Features / Pricing

Before each game's kickoff Before each game's kickoff
(Teams will be enterred into system after determined on the pitch)

The season has already started, but, It's not too late to play!

  • Pick the winner for every game
  • Accummulate points for every correct pick
  • 4 scoring methods

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Create your Super Rugby pool right here at Pooltracker - it's easy with our Super Rugby pool software! You can do a Super Rugby 2012 pool for all of the games or just Stage 2. Everyone loves to participate in office pools. There's no better way to bring the office together for fun and camaraderie. Get ready for the 2012 Super Rugby pool early with Get your office - and your bracket - together!

We'll show you how to make and set up a rugby pool and how to go through your pool results. With Pooltracker, your office football pool will be online here at Using our online football pools means you no longer have to run your office pool by hand. This leaves you more time to enjoy the Super Rugby festivities.

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I created in 1998, because I love sports and competition. I was the guy in school who ran pools for all my friends. I knew I could run pools online and get more of my friends to join in, so, I taught myself web programming and I was on my way. I've been running pooltracker ever since. In that time, I found that I love getting people together who share the passion for sports and competition like I do.
I started charging money for people to use the site a few years ago and much to my amazement, the site has grown every year since. Now, it's more than just a hobby, it's a business and it takes up quite a bit of my time. I enjoy every minute of it and wouldn't trade it for the world.
I think you'll enjoy this site so much, that I make this promise:
I pledge to make things right, one way or another.. so, you and your friends can enjoy using
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