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Arena Football Pickem Pools


2020 AFL Football season has already started, but, It's not too late to play!

Track all the action your pool does for Arena Football 2007 games when you create a football pool here at
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  • Our standings pages let users view their pool's results in a bunch of different ways, including: All weeks, Individual week standings, First half of season, 2nd half, and other ways
  • Final scores are updated every 15 minutes *.
  • Easy sign up and pool creation.
  • There's no software to download.
  • Easily invite your friends. We have templates ready for you.
  • Easy join process for your friends.
  • No annoying pop-ups.
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  • * = Scores may take from 0 to 30 minutes before being updated. Update times apply only to Pro and Div 1A college teams.

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    Don't miss out on Arena Football 2007 action this year!
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  • The AFL regular season starts Monday, January 15, 2007 , so,
    Create Your Arena Football 2007 Pool Now!!

  • Get in on the action now with an office pool where everyone can make their Arena Football 2007 picks for 2007. A football game just isn't as much fun without a pool thrown into the mix. Now, you can keep track of your football games online with

    Our Football Pool Expertise
    We've been hosting the best Football pick em pools on the net since 1998! That's right, we're going on our 22th year of hosting the best Arena Football 2007 pools.
    We've got all kinds of the best football pick em pools to choose from, including combinations of the most popular football pick em pools: ranked confidence pick em, straight pick em, and more football pickem scoring options.

    Exciting Features:
    -Check out the growing list of great features we provide in our Arena Football 2007 pick em pools.

    What It Is

    We host the best Arena Football 2007 pick em pools on the net. This means that all you have to is make your picks every week and we do all of the difficult calculations.
    You and your friends make your picks every week and then at the end of every week, we calculate how everyone did and you see who wins and by how much.
    This pool has only AFL games. If an AFL team is playing, we'll have it in our line up.


    Object of the Game
    The object of the game is to get the most points each week and for the entire season.


    How It Works
    Check out our screenshot demo..
    1. Sign up for the best AFL College Football pool on the internet (only 3 questions)
    2. Create an AFL College football pick em pool (screen shot..)and Invite Your Friends (screen shot..)
    3. Each week they make their picks online (screen shot..)
    4. After each day's AFL College games, We Calculate each user's score to determine the winner / placings for your pool


    Scoring methods have not yet been configured for this pool.
    Tie Breaker:
    Tie Breaker: Total Points in Last Game of Week
    Arena Football Pickem Pools


    When does it start
  • The Arena Football 2007 starts Monday, January 15, 2007

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    Pool Options

  • You choose how many weeks to compare, for the season standings.
  • Many different scoring methods.
  • Opt-out Weekly Reminder Emails
  • many more features..

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    Pool pricing is based on the number of players in your pool. The prices stated are good for the entire pool duration. ie. What ever the terms of the pool are: the entire NFL regular season or the entire NCAA March Madness tournament, etc.
    For corporate sponsorships or pricing for larger pools than shown, please contact us.
    Pricing for Arena Football 2007
    TitlePrice for first X playersPrice per player after the first XDescription
    Pricing is not in the system, yet   

    My Pledge To You
    I created in 1998, because I love sports and competition. I was the guy in school who ran pools for all my friends. I knew I could run pools online and get more of my friends to join in, so, I taught myself web programming and I was on my way. I've been running pooltracker ever since. In that time, I found that I love getting people together who share the passion for sports and competition like I do.
    I started charging money for people to use the site a few years ago and much to my amazement, the site has grown every year since. Now, it's more than just a hobby, it's a business and it takes up quite a bit of my time. I enjoy every minute of it and wouldn't trade it for the world.
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