Skip to main content - NHL Playoff Bracket 2022       Pool Name: Lobsinger NHL 2022 Playoffs       Player: Curt
Score: 16       Tie Breaker - Total Games in Playoffs: 15
Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final Semi-finals Quarter-finals Round of 16
Calgary (P1) Calgary (P1)  Calgary (P1)  Calgary (P1)  Champion
Tampa Bay (A3) 
Tampa Bay (A3)  Tampa Bay (A3)  Florida (A1)  Florida (A1)
Dallas (WC1) Washington (WC2)
Edmonton (P2) Edmonton (P2)  Tampa Bay (A3)  Toronto (A2)
Los Angeles (P3) Tampa Bay (A3)
Colorado (C1) Colorado (C1)  Colorado (C1)  New York (M2)  Carolina (M1)  Carolina (M1)
Nashville (WC2) Boston (WC1)
Minnesota (C2) Minnesota (C2)  New York (M2)  New York (M2)
St. Louis (C3) Pittsburgh (M3)
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