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Points are awarded for correct game predictions only.

Points are NOT awarded for predicting group winners or group runner-ups. If you predict the outcome of the match, you will get points. If you do not predict the outcome of the match, then you will not get points.
To get points, predicted Group Stage winners and runner-ups must match the actual winners and runner-ups.
Example: If Brazil was predicted to be the runner-up from their group, and they actually won their group, then points will not be awarded, until the Championship, if Brazil wins the cup and was predicted to do so. - Picks Sheet       World Cup 2010 Pick Stage 2 Bracket before tournament begins       Pool Name: World Cup Madness - 16:27       Pool Home page
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Player Name Stage 2 Team Predictions * Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Finals Total Score Potential Score Total Goals Stage 2 by all teams Picks Last Modified (ET)
* = Stage 2 seed notation examples:
1A = Winner of Group A
2B = Runner-up from Group B

Special thanks to Mr. Mark Burbey for suggesting this print out page.

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